Sticky ecommerce elements – and other cool new website design trends
01 Jun 2016

“I have a website because it's an interesting tool, very - and quite unexpectedly - useful for my work. It's become an archive and a fairly complete on-line portfolio, as well as offering an opportunity to write a little.”(John Howe)

Sticky elements are also known as fixed elements. These elements are that part of the page that is fixed to your motion throughout the page i.e. it follows you down as well as up the page. Their major purpose is the provision of better and pleasing user experienceto the customer.


Ecommerce websites

As an example to the sticky elements are the ecommerce websites’ pages. When a products’ detail has been viewed usually the information on the right hand side moves from the right hand side to the bottom of the page, this information includes; call to action or contact us links, add to the basket option along with detailed info about the products’ specifications.


Categorical pages

On a number of websites featuring a large number of products, one of the intelligent and sound option is to place the filters on the left side of the page.


Header menus

A number of websites of multinational companies have the unique sticky element. Their sticky element is their header menu which is fixed to the screen and remains on the screen even when the page has been scrolled up or scrolled down. In such websites, the header menu is not only fixed for the scrolling but it is also fixed for categorical pages displaying variety of products as well. This sticky header menu is usually to assist the consumers during the navigation process. The header menu is associated with a number of action symbols which bolster the customer in navigation and easy surfing of the website.


Sticky side bars

The trend of sticky elements has been in use for so many years. The sticky headers and sidebars on different websites display different related feature such as Apple uses a number of categorical pages to display the product information with the header always fixed to the screen displaying the buy button.



These sticky elements are now very much easy to indulge in their websites via a number of tutorials teaching its incorporation. These sticky elements not only gave the chic appearance to the website but also bolster the users in effortless surfing thus contributing to a great user experience.

“The Google algorithm was a significant development. I've had thank-you emails from people whose lives have been saved by information on a medical website or who have found the love of their life on a dating website.” (Tim Berners-Lee)

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