Tactics to boost your website conversion rates
27 May 2016

“It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.” (Henry Ford)

The tactics explained within the following articles revolves around epic copywriting skills. The one, who possess marvelous copywriting skills, can be hired in fact as a sales person who is capable of sending your goods pretty cheaply round the clock. Without great copywriting definitely your conversion rates of consumers into customers would be pretty low and in turn your bounce rates would be much higher than expected.


Improving sales

Simply, if anyone out there is willing and looking forward towards improving your sales then you have here two options:

·         Get more traffic somehow than usual or

·         Boost your conversion rates

Working over more traffic can be not only time consuming but it can also be money consuming whereas boosting conversion rates could be pretty simply only one thing should be the hub of attention i.e. copywriting.


Tactics to boost your conversion rates

Here is a brief list of tactics that will help you to boost your conversion rates and this increment wouldn’t be for just now but it will last forever and in fact it will augment in ratio only if you adopted the scheme of working over copywriting carefully and effectively.


·         Customer desire

You can get the appropriate sales once you have identified your customer’s whims and desires. Don’t just brag that you know what they desire but search consistently to know what they really want. For this, use Google Analytics to clearly show what keywords your consumers are hitting.

Then proceed with copywriting, write  i.e what your customers are eager of. This writing will not be a piece of writing rather it would be a compelling potion for your consumers.


·         Promising customers

Once you have recognized their desires, promise them to assure them that you will provide what they have dreamt of. For this, use ‘you’ and ‘your’ while scripting your script.


·         Positivity is good luck

Be positive, that’s a good luck key and omen. Positivity should be the topic of your copywriting as according to a study that content is more widely shared which makes people feel positively sentimental.

Positive sentiments include hope, joy, trust, loyalty etc. Once, you build these sentiments within your copywriting script, you have nailed it then, trust me, as your content would be much viral and then you will be able to get good sales in a matter of no time.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” (Michael LeBoeuf)

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