Technology trends dominating in 2017
26 Apr 2017

“You have to stay updated on trends, social things and pop culture, you need to stay with the times and keep evolving.” (Corey Feldman)

2016 hasn’t gone yet but it’s time to probe in the matter of next generation trends of technology. We, the individuals of today are so much blessed as we are able to communicate each other living in a completely different reef by means of internet and social media. Also, we can get any information whether historical or whatever in a matter of few micro seconds by means of Google and search engines.


Social media

With the advent of technology, social media have come to existence with the help of which we are not only able to communicate with each other but can also perform the tasks of branding, advertising and marketing. This is the reason why branding agency Dubai, marketing agency Dubai and advertising agency Dubai reverts back to Social media, one of the finest aspects of technology, for branding, marketing and advertising respectively.



Below is a list of forthcoming trends that we will see jingling in the year of 2017;


1.       IoT

Internet of things also known as IoT is again one of the finest forthcoming technology, we all have been hearing about. This internet of things will bring a revolution as the gates to smart home living will be pushed open.

The huge tycoon companies, posturing sound user experience such as Amazon, Google etc. are collaborating together in order to decipher the challenge of uniformity in the provision of smart user experience.


2.       Artificial intelligence

Throughout the globe, artificial intelligence has not only become a trend but is becoming an ever growing fad. With the coming year ahead, machine learning and artificial intelligence will expand to newer heights and will give coverage to almost any mobile app. Mobile apps Dubai has also become one of the fan of this new technology.


3.       Automation

Many jobs now have been erased ever since robotics have entered the ground. The year ahead i.e. 2017 seems to be a year of remembrance in the field of technology because automation will expand particularly in white collar professions.

“Just as you can identify eras of fashion by glancing at a piece of vintage clothing, logos create and follow trends over time.” (Peleg Top)

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