Test your Might!
26 Apr 2017

Are you sure you have got what it takes to compete in the chic, elite and posh markets of Dubai? Let’s see where you stand, by going through the following points, they surely will help you in testing your might in the complex markets of Dubai and will allow you to know and learn where exactly do you stand as far as your business is concerned:

Forgetting about the past, Focusing on the future:

As a common trend, business overhauls their Corporate identity is a golden marketing tool once every 6 to 10 years. These changes may include, reshaping the logo, switching colors, modifying tag lines and image styles. In rare cases, name of the business may also be tweaked or changed fully while going through this process. There may be one core reason that is commonly found while going through these makeshifts, i.e. ‘motivation to re-brand’. There may be other associated factors however I will decorate the plate with 10 very common ideas behind this entire scenario of corporate rebranding:

1. Mergers and acquisitions and demergers:

In most cases where a business changes its ownership, immediate rebranding may take place. Mergers, acquisitions and demergers can be a good example here. Businesses are very keen to ensure that they are on the right track, so that blunders and mistakes can be capped throughout, especially when markets are very dynamic and promising yet very sensitive like Dubai. They ensure that their aim is not classified as one that is limited to making the change visible, they also want to ensure that things fall well within the legal frameworks.

In an event where a demerger may have take place, a party that has separated is bound to build its own brand. This enables it to tell the customers that it is no longer associated with the existing brand from which it separated. They also ensure that they are blessed with unique and appealing corporate identity Dubai oriented trends because they know it will be a long road where they will need this token to enjoy fame and elevated public awareness regarding their brand name.

2. Relocation

A best way out would be to ensure perfect implementation, one would need to ensure that change to location and brand promise is dealt with in a secure passion without scratching the clients faith because the consequences in failing to do what is required may be grave. However if things are dealt with carefully and professionally then it enables the customers and stakeholders to understand the chemistry behind this change and relocation of a brand. 

3. Internationalization:

There are many situations where going for rebranding may become critical, a good example would be an event where the business wants to go international. A change would be required especially if the brand name is way to specific to one country only, while on the other hand some countries may have brands that are unenthusiastic in nature but may  have the same name. This makes it critical for the business owners to go for the rebrand scenario.

4. Switching markets:

A business existence may get in danger when they plan to switch their market!. The digitization of complex market societies associated with Dubai pushes one to reinvent their brand before moving on to the next markets. Such approaches normally have been observed to be very helpful as businesses that have practiced this approach has witnessed great boost in their business graphs.

5. Bad repute:

In an event where a brand might be struggling with bad market standing and reputation, re-branding may help in rescuing the situation for it. To make this activity a successful one, it would be great if the changes applied to brands are applied both externally and internally to the organization as well because this will help the brand to get rid of the negative associations as they will be dispelled and ameliorated.

6. Dispute with stakeholders:

Brand development within itself may lead to the need of rebranding. In majority of the cases, this may be because of the proposed style which may turn out to be very similar to an existing brand and this may lead to a conflict or dispute between the stakeholders. Conflicts may also take place between internal and external stakeholders because they may perceive the rebranding idea entirely wrong and may forecast a backlash on the business success due to this rebranding.

7. New CEO:

It has been normally observed that the influx of a new CEO adds new life to the business or organization. Serious organizational changes may take place and these changes may influence the ways in which the company used to go about tasks.

8. Outmoded image:

This is a very common reason, modernizing is an approach that leads to corporate rebranding. That is what trends are about, they keep on changing and one as a business owner may feel that his/her business logo has now become out dated and may require some tweaks. This may however not be the very main reason, latest and elite images are the key source behind the motivations that leads to the idea of rebranding.

9. Altering brand portfolio:

Businesses over the years have to deal with the building and attainment of several novel brands. This at times may result in diverse trends and as a result may end up in make the portfolio very broad for a brand. Such broad portfolios normally fail to get the attention of public because of its complicated and unclear nature. The overall costs for carrying on with quite a few brands may also escalate. Rebranding in such scenarios may help to a great extent as it allows the business owners to streamline the entire portfolio and simplify things for the consumers and stakeholders.

10. Further development of corporate identity

Not very long ago in Dubai and world over, the entire idea of having a corporate identity used to float around having a logo and some specific primary colors along with typography. Elements like visual language, photographic styles and secondary colors were not considered during those days. The end results were not so clear and more often used to display a messy picture or message.

Specialists in the world of corporate identity Dubai took no time in capping this gap and ensure they offer businesses with unique and state of the art solutions that would be of great help when it comes to improve the brand image and activation processes.

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