Top 7 Mobile App Distribution Platforms You Must Checkout
22 Sep 2020

Individuals are holding the world on their palms, thanks to the advent of smartphones. The pervasive nature of technology has given rise to innovative gadgets for routine activities in daily life. It has opened the golden gates of opportunities for businesses to reach their audience comprehensively.

There is no denying that mobility has increased the benefits of mobile apps for businesses. It would help if you channelized your business using the best platforms for mobile app distribution to generate ROI. Is it something new to you? Read the article to get some detailed insights!

What is the Mobile Application Distribution Platform?

Smartphone apps are developed to run on smart gadgets such as tablets, iPods, Android phones, and other devices. The distribution platform for mobile applications is the channel from where the end-users search and download their desired apps for use.

The app distribution platforms enable the smart app owners to deploy and configure their applications for directly linking or reaching the targeted users. The platforms use common application designing scripts and languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to easily deloy of mobile apps on different screens.

List of mobile app distribution platforms

Many people are aware of the Google Play for downloading and installing Android applications, while the App Store is famous for iOS. However, many other distribution platforms are also available for smart application deployment, as given below:

1). App Store (iOS)

Apple Inc. has developed the App Store to support smart apps for iOS. This digital distribution channel enables users to install apps developed in the iOS software development kit. So, the iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and other Apple users can download applications using the App Store iOS.

App Store iOS is a secure distribution platform for mobile apps. It is easy to use. Owing to this, business people prefer getting their apps developed in the iOS environment. For this, you can hire a mobile application development company In Dubai for a stunning design and successful deployment.

2). Amazon Appstore

The channel is used for Android applications. You can install your favorite games using Amazon Appstore. The platform shows the recommended apps based on the user history of the search. The individuals can also download and install the paid apps using the secure payment methods available at the Amazon.

The best thing about Amazon Appstore is that you can get the same money to play games. The Amazon coins are available for playing for free. The feature of “Free App of the Day” is highly attractive. It helps businesses in promoting their gaming apps to allure the targeted audience.

3). BlackBerry World

It is a device-dependent multimedia content service and storefront to help the Blackberry smartphone users download and install applications. This mobile app distribution platform is the official store of BlackBerry for downloading applications from the centralized marketplace. It has a wide range of application collections supporting the BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry OS 7 devices, and BlackBerry 10.

4). Firefox Marketplace

It is the official store for apps development and configuration using Firefox OS. This app distribution platform is famous for featuring apps designed for the Firefox web. The platform enables the app developers and business owners to publish their open web apps using Mozilla Marketplace. 

Mozilla Firefox offers the Gecko layout engine, Firefox OS mobile operating system, ChatZilla, Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client, and Bugzilla bug tracking system as the most common open-source apps.

5). Ovi by Nokia

Nokia Ovi Suite Applications is the former name of Ovi. The platform facilitates the Nokia users for connecting with Microsoft Windows. Ovi is a comprehensive package of Internet services used for mobile devices for web experience.

This mobile app distribution platform focuses specifically on music, games, and applications run on Nokia devices. It is similar to Apple App Store and BlackBerry World.

6). Google Play

Google has developed it as one of the most widely used digital distribution services. Google Play was previously known as Android Market, as it is the official store for all android apps. The store enables the users to search, download, and configure many applications developed using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) by third-party developers.

You can say it a one-stop-shop for all you need for installing apps. Due to this, businesses prefer hiring an Android mobile app development company for app design, development, and successful configuration on Google Play. It helps in reaching their targeted audience quickly!

7). Samsung Galaxy Apps

It is a digital distribution platform for hosting a bundle of apps and gear for Galaxy devices. Samsung has developed the platform in 2009. Since the time, many mobile applications are hosted on the store for facilitating the Samsung galaxy users. You can check out the store for new apps for an improved user experienced.

Host your mobile app on the best distribution platform today!

Summing up, ever-increasing mobility has encouraged businesses to get smart apps for targeted the audience in optimal ways. It brings unlimited benefits to companies. If you are going to get a mobile app in the future, consult with the experts today for app development and selecting a suitable distribution channel. It will help you target the audience comprehensively by promoting your mobile app smartly!