Was Your Local Business Ready for the Black Friday rush?

Was Your Local Business Ready for the Black Friday rush?

“Black Friday should be called as hunger games. People kill each other and the winner gets a $20 crock pot.”

As the holiday seasons draw near, the eyes go towards the sales that spark around that corner. With mega events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up soon, we hope your website is ready.

The holiday season is the perfect occasion to harness the power of customers and every website is up at its toes to ensure that they have the perfect greeting for their customers. In order to reap the most benefits out of this holiday season, you need to devise a marketing strategy in order to gain more traffic for your website.


Double Check your Contact Information

If your website is supporting a retail location, then the first thing to do is to ensure that the contact information of the store is perfectly written. You mustdouble check it in the social listings and local map directory listings. Add a google link to your website as well.


Update the Store Timings

Make sure to update your website to include the holiday timings for your retail store. Try and add a Schema markup or just add a regular easy to find pinup which mentions the store hours to your customers.



It must be kept in mind that most of the customers will be checking your website on their smartphones so it’s not too late to create a mobile-friendly environment on your website. Implementing this would definitely get you in the good books of your customer.


Do you Sell Products online? Read further.

If your website is being utilized for selling and shipping products, then there are a few other things that you should check and update if needed.


A Properly Optimized Landing Page for Promotions

If your website is offering any promotions for the upcoming holidays then it is crucial to create an optimized landing page for the bundles and it should also be ensured that the promos are properly marketed site-wide. This adds convenience for the customers and makes it easy to parse through the information.


Shipping Calendar

A shipping calendar should be included which should occupy a prominent space on your webpage. An ideal scenario would be to create an entirely different page for shipping information (shipping charges and the areas that the product could be shipped to). This page should be shareable via social channels and it must be ensured that the tag and meta-tag descriptions have been updated after adding the shipping calendar. You should also make sure that the shipping instructions are written in a clear and easy-to-comprehendmanner.


Free Shipping

You should try offering free-shipping on your webpage. If your website cannot bear the expense of offering free shipping throughout the holiday season, then consider offering free shipping on December 18th.


Include Product Bundles

The best way to convince customers to buy more products is by offering them product bundles; change the structure of your website to include related products together. This will engage more customers to view relevant items together and perhaps buy more.


Free Gift-wrap

Another thing to consider is to offer gift-wrap. You could offer free gift-wrap or if your website cannot accommodate that, then you could consider offering it for a nominal fee. This should be marketed correctly.

Good marketing will speed up your sales and purchases in the holiday season due to which throughout the coming year the customers will know why they are biased towards your company.



Also, consider offering hot beverages or special goodies to customers that visit your store because this ensures loyalty from a customer. It is easier to make good relations with a customer that visits your store than to look for new customers all the time.

Before you sit back and relax with your family, it is proper to double check all the things in order to be sure that your website will be able to cater the influx of customers this holiday season.

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