Link Building: Where Should You Even Begin? Basic Guidelines to Link Building
01 January 2015

“Instead of building walls, we should be building bridges.” (Vicente Fox)

Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing world. Each and every change in the Google algorithm presents a crisis for the SEO industry. Although we think that era has finally come to a pass where excessive algorithm changes would be made and we believe that these algorithms would somewhat be the mainstay, however, one can never say for sure.

In the following article we would be discussing one of the fundamentals of SEO which many people tend to overlook, Link Building.


Definition of link building

Crafting a relevant and good quality link is definitely a strenuous job because it requires many prerequisites like having good quality content, well-reputed website partners and of course, optimized keywords.

Hyperlinks are mainly tracks which divert traffic from other websites to your own and they are used to circumnavigate around the web. Google uses its crawlers in order to gather data which is then used to evaluate links which register for proper keywords. The search engine then creates results based on the relevancy of the data.

Therefore it is highly essential to have proper linking in order to get benefits for your website and this is why Link Building holds utmost importance in SEO.


The importance of link building

Search engines require the presence of links in order to determine which webpages are substantial enough to get a high rating on the Search Engine Results Page. It also allows search engines to evaluate which websites are new and deserve recognition. Google has published a video which gives an easy break down of how things work at Google. While search engines mainly emphasize on the keywords that are supposed to be present on the website; at the same time they also check that how many external sites are linking back. Google gives more preference to websites which have proper links to well-reputed sites.


The constituents of a Hyperlink

A hyperlink has various components:


An anchor is the first component that is the part of a hyperlink. An anchor lets the search engine know what link tag is going to be followed and the search engine then makes the ranking of the Search Engine Results Page accordingly.

Link Referral Location

The Link Referral location is the link address that you click on when you want to access the information super highway.

Visible/anchor text

The visible or anchor text is the text that users see on a page which guides them to the link.

Link tag closing

Link Tag closing notifies the search engines that the anchor is at an end.


Benefits of link building to your business

There is no substitute for high quality links that refer to high quality content and it must always be remembered that link building not only reaps SEO benefits, but also helps in gaining contacts which can help reciprocate on the long run.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. “ (Albert Einstein) 

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