Web Hosting: Types, How It Works & Why You Need It?‎
10 Apr 2020

Are you thinking of getting a website designed for your business? If Yes! You are going on the right track of success because digital presence is crucial for building business credibility. Evidently, a business website is important as it is your gateway to reach the potential clients and customers directly. However, you have to consider the precondition for making your corporate identity in the digital world. You must be thinking, what are these? The first is the name of your website, which is called a domain name, while the second is the web hosting required for keeping your webpages.

The first condition is easy to meet; the website name is usually the same as the business name. However, you have to make some efforts to consider the performance and reliability of web hosting. In this way, the role of web hosting is critical for the overall performance of your website.

If you have never got a website developed earlier, you may not be familiar with the concept of a web host and hosting servers. So, the blog post is aimed to help you get all essential information about the topic along with hosting a buying guide for making your business website live today!

What is Web Hosting?

The basic concept of web hosting is pretty simple. When you want to establish a business in the physical world, you need a store with a name. So, you put all of your products or services into it for the customers’ display. Similarly, when you get a website created, it has plenty of web pages and other elements that require shelter.

The web hosting server is that shelter or place where you store all your website pages, code stuff, images, and other supporting elements to be accessed by the customers over the internet.

So, the people wish to store a bunch of their web pages on the servers need to get services of web hosting companies to acquire a space. While getting the services, make sure that your website hosting company is available for 24/7 support.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

Hopefully, you have got the basic concept of web hosting from the above-given explanation. Let us now consider how it works to understand the fundamental working methodology. 

While you are considering a web hosting space, you need to estimate the exact space that your web pages, web images, coding files, database, and other website elements will require on the server.  Based on this, people get a hosting place from the company and pay the service charges. Once you have done this, your website is made live on the internet.

From there, users can access to the information presented on the website by searching from Google or directly entering your site URL in the browser. When the users do this, their computers are connected with the servers, which returns their desired pages, and here you go!

Types of Web Hosting Packages

In case you are getting a new website created for your business, the space requirements are not much higher. However, once your website traffic starts increasing owing to higher user engagement, you should consider scaling up the package for improved user experience. For this, you should find web hosting types, as explained below:

1. Shared Hosting

This type of hosting packages is best for new startups and beginners.  Shared hosting enables you to rent a space in the servers that already have many websites hosted.  The number of existing sites depends on the capacity of the server machines, but it is not unusual because many businesspeople get shared space to manage website expenses optimally.

2. VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server is considered as the next-level service owing to advanced technologies. The performance of the servers is incredibly high, but the websites are hosted in a shared environment. The way of website browsing over the internet is different from the traditional shared servers.  It is owing to the reason that websites are hosted on VPS servers have an instance present on separate virtual machines that make website loading speed faster than the standard hosting packages.

3. Dedicated Hosting

You surely have got a fair idea about this category of web hosting. As the name indicates, website owners rent the dedicated hosting servers to keep their large files and other website stuff for improved performance.  The service is appropriate for large companies and mega enterprises that may be running eCommerce businesses or managing their corporate data online.

4. Cloud Hosting

It is a relatively new type of hosting that is actively used by multinational companies and financial institutions owing to the centralization of information assets. All the data that companies required for the external world or the use of their internal actors are usually stored on the clouds while offering different access rights to the public and private users. The servers are not physical, as cloud technology is used for managing website space requirements. Interestingly, the website is located on different networks in parts for higher performance and security. Clouds are considered the future of hosting services.

However, it is not just to place the files on the hosting servers, and all is done! The owners have to consider all essential tasks and activities to keep the hardware and software working well for ensuring an online experience to all and sundry. For this, you have to consider our top web hosting services Dubai for keeping the servers work well, along with managing the backups.

Why Do You Need Web Hosting?

Surely, you will think that if a website hosting is comprised of computer systems set to be the server, why but it. Technically speaking, you can make your PCs as servers to be accessible by the public, but catering hundreds of users is not possible with it. Here are given a few essential reasons why you need to buy the best web hosting instead of self-hosting:

1. No power outrages

The servers provided by the hosting companies stay live 24/7 without the risks of power outrage. So, you don’t have to worry about the website getting down in case of no electric supply.

2. Fast website loading

Every user wants to get access to the web pages within seconds. A fast-speed server can ensure this besides other elements. So, getting hosting services from top-notch companies can provide speedy downloading time. Learn how to optimize your website speed for improved peformance.

3. Hustle-free maintenance

It is imperative to understand that running a server is a hard nut to crack. You have to deal with server issues related to hardware and software. So, a professional web hosting provider can ensure smooth working by maintaining the servers.

4. Stable IP address

The general internet connections use dynamic IP addresses, while this is not the case with hosting server connections. So, you can get a permanent IP address associated with your website that is constant.

How to Select the Best Web Host Server?

Hopefully, you have got a fair idea about the types of web hosting and reasons for getting a web server. Are you thinking of getting your website designed as soon as possible with the help of experienced web designers? And considering what is the best website host? Let’s take a step further to know the features of a suitable home for your website:

1. High uptime and consistency

The uptime of the server refers to the availability of your website over the internet. The hosting service providers strive hard to offer 99.9% uptime keeping the server maintenance requirements in mind. The reliability depends on the interruption-free access to the website.

Don’t forget to opt for increased uptime with higher reliability.

2. Storage capacity and bandwidth

Bandwidth is referred to as the traffic and number of page views that a website can manage in one month. It merely means that you need to buy a website server with unlimited bandwidth because a surge in users can make your website slow if sufficient capacity is not available.

So, consider reliable services of web hosting along with unmetered bandwidth that can help you ensure smooth user experience.

3. Prompt customer assistance

Keep the uncertainties in mind while getting a website hosting facility. It is because there can be the risks of error in your website loading, downtime, or hacking activity. The situation may not be fun, and you need to get your website back in no time. In such a scenario, customer services can help you deal with the problem wisely.

So, make sure that your web hosting services offer substantial customer assistance, including on-site chat facility, email ticketing, and telephonic conversations.

4. The flexibility of upscale packages

Last but not least, it is one of the most crucial considerations while selecting the best hosting servers. Technology evolves at a rapid speed, and you need to comply with the emerging trends. So, you may need to upscale your existing website frameworks to meet the requirements.

For example, if your website is currently designed in statics pages, but you want to update it into Word Press, you need a server that supports content management systems. In other cases, you should have the flexibility of moving from shared hosting to the cloud-based website hosting servers.

5. Comprehensive hosting penal

It is essential to understand the value of having a full-service hosting panel with adequate domain management tools. For example, you are going to buy a hosting service for the first time; you need to accommodate only one website. The needs for management will be limited, but later on, you can enhance the website using different tools and technologies.

So, the control panel should permit easy management of existing domains, files, and search engine optimization tools for improved performance.

Keynote: Empower your Business with the Best Web Hosting!

Summing up, the decision to invest in a website hosting requires you to be vigilant. After all, the integrity of your business depends on 24/7 website availability with smooth user experience. Instead of getting into the trap of the cheapest web hosting deals, you should opt for authentic hosting services. It will help you build a website instantly without any hidden price. It’s your time to focus on the long-term benefits of having a responsive website.

Discover the joy of having your own website, contact us for excellent website hosting services today!