Blurring the lines between eCommerce and retail shopping
23 May 2016

“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.” (Paul Graham)

The former systems of ecommerce and related pricing are much intricate and therefore dealing with them is quite handy. To support ecommerce, mobile point of sales related marketing seems to move at a very fast momentum. For a way out from working with complex systems, tablet and other smart devices point of sale is an easy and handy option provided that it includes all the accessible options easily and pretty simply.



But certain questions still persists as per the current situation of commerce world. Of these the major question is how to actually connect the retail and the ecommerce stores in such a manner that both ace forward with ultimate success and production by means of their synchrony.



One of the remedy that is currently in the buzz for this question is that the ecommerce authorities have negotiated over Light speed eCom. In this case, Light speed is a system which is particularly cloud based. The ecommerce amalgamate with the light speed cloud based system thus enabling the ecommerce users to quickly develop a site. This site includes not only the stock range of online stores but also the stock range of retail stores in a manner keeping them synchronized. This allows the retailers to quickly amend and carry the goods between online and offline channels.


Inventory cognizance

Perhaps, according to a recent study conducted over the retailers and their inventory management concludes that more than 90% of the retailers have negotiated that inventory cognizance and the customer activity as per the online goods supply is definitely an important factor for the growth and success of any retail store as well as online channels.

As lightspeed aims to connect both the ecommerce channels and the retail stores, it further aims at mitigating the complexity graph to a level of zero for a more personified and real growth.


Always mobile customers

For the retailers, there is definitely a change as when the customer goes retail shopping almost 90% of the retail shoppers have smartphones in their hands not necessarily they are checking out the products but they have checked the product earlier before visiting your brick and mortar store. Hence, this new change i.e. always mobile customer should be adopted and welcomed by the retailers and should incorporate this change with some new innovation beneficial for their retail stores as well as for the ecommerce business.

“Data data data, I can’t make bricks without clay.” (Sir Arthur Canon Doyle)

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