How to Plan for your next SEO campaign?
09 Jun 2015

“SEO is vibrant and playful when you know how to play it.” (Asila Paras)

Before we begin, the primary layout for anything to be constructed or developed should be drafted, t is a facet of a plan. Planning makes things easier and organized; it is the basic authentication in my language. Most of the clients and newbie developers often initiate with the SEO principles without planning. This usually results in a tangled and criss cross predicaments. Planning will also determine the limited expenditure that you will be spending upon the SEO principles. Without planning, boundless expenditure will be spent without any appropriate outcome. This will gradually lead to waste of time, money and obviously efforts.


Long term

SEO is not under the dominance of a magic wand. SEO needs time to enhance and propagate. The basic thumb rule that should be kept in mind whilst developing SEO principles and spending over SEO principles the time frame should be 6 months at least. Increasing the time frame will definitely augment the chances of flourishing your business. Now, why I am saying 6 months is the minimum time because there are no results within the first 2 months since these initial months usually fly planning for the business or website, editing, reconstructing, making strategies and auditing. The following months then allow the search engines to realize the amendments. From the 4 month onwards, you might seesome results in the search engines but the payoff is next to zero. By the end of the year you might see a bit positive response though the actual payoff will be proclaimed within the next year.


SEO is a bit expensive

Obviously what you will invest, you will harvest. Investing more with proper guidelines and sound association with firms will result in a wealthy and sufficient crop. As per the general commerce rates of SEO professionals and splendid SEO companies usually charge $1000-$3000 per month. Disbursing such mammoth income isn’t a child’s play.


Planning and organizing

A dedicated client is the one who has researched well about the approximate time and expenses that will usually disburse while initiating the SEO campaign and SEO strategy. The mandatory time frame would generally be around 2 years and the initial start up expenditure would be around $50,000 to 65,000.

Below are certain extremities that will bolster you in the planning and organization of your SEO strategy both in terms of efforts and expenditures;


1.       Decision

You must have a decision in your plan. By means of decision, you should decide and ponder upon the metrics. Choose a metric. Ranking isn’t a good metric. A good metric could be anything from traffic, sales, lead to revenue, customers and reviews.



2.       Figure out the response

Before you initiate with the implementation of your SEO strategy, you must set up an approximation regarding the up rise that you want per month. Either it is 10%, 15% or more. Whatever the up rise rate be, will shove you to make such crew which will strive to achieve that goal.


3.       Limit your budget

After the detailing of the choice of metric and per month augmentation rate, you must then decide what should be the ratio of expenses that will be comparable with your detailing. It shouldn’t be less nor it should expose a spendthrift entity.


4.       Disclose

Some things should not be disclosed. Or even if you are working with a SEO firm you may disclose all to them but to others you might not because you might not know who your real rival is.


Hiring a firm

To pace up the development of your SEO strategy, you can hire a SEO professional or a SEO company that will match the requisites that you have set forth. For the organization to work smoothly, you should develop a mutual and healthy alliance with it. Following are the tips which are the basic key for a healthy alliance;

·         Grant full access

Grant full access in terms of resources and acknowledgement that the SEO firm needs. Granting them all the resources will escalate their dedication and will consequently correspond towards a healthy alliance.

·         Do not interfere

The SEO Company that you have hired knows what is best for you. You must communicate with them and tell them all about your goals and futuristic responses however do not try to dictate the SEO Company.

·         Analysis

A good company will send you the analysis quite frequently. The analysis should be read and pondered upon and whatever you might not understand or seems illegible to you must be discussed and rectified by the company that you have hired.

SEO is cost effective only when you have given SEO what it needs. Before starting off you must plan the things sequentially. And then their implementation must commence with one general thumb rule that SEO is expensive and long term strategy. 

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