Why Great Logo Design is Important for Business?
08 Aug 2019

“Good Design is Good Business” – Thomas J. Watson Jr.

Think back when you were at the supermarket last week, and you were looking for a packet of chips but can’t get the idea to choose the one displayed in a colorfully arranged stall of chips. In the blur of color, you scan the various logos that you recognize from a television commercial or billboard advertisement. Your positive emotions when viewing the advert were memorable, and you recall these experiences through your recognition of the identifying logo.

Presently, from the packet of chips to mega products and services, everything is about brands. The brands you wear the brands you drive, the brands you buy and the brands that you favor above all. Your business identification is primarily based on a little stamp known as a logo that speaks a thousand words.

What is a logo?

Fundamentally, the logo is comprised of a symbol and text linked with a business identity. Your business logo is the pinnacle that symbolizes your company in a tiny piece of graphic. It is essential to understand that companies must pay attention to have an excellent design for their logo that can exhibit their brand value.

Purpose of a logo

Name a famous brand such a Nike, and you will surely get the image of its logo in your mind. What about Twitter? Can you recognize many other well-known brands just by looking at their identification marks? Off course yes! Credit goes to the uniqueness and distinctiveness of great logo designs. So, the sole purpose of a logo is to make the business products and service recognizable for the people.

“The importance of Logo into today’s fashion is Un! Be! Lievable!” – Karl Legarfeld

Your business logo immediately sparks either a positive or negative emotion in your customer’s subconscious mind about their personal experience with your products or services. It is therefore imperative to focus on creating brand identity correctly to trigger positive associations between the consumers and brands.

The underestimation of the value and importance of having a quality business logo design will result in an uphill struggle to gain brand awareness. Especially, when you have an online business where you have no physical shop-front to allure walk-in customers. For your customers to identify your business from the masses, you need a strong logo style including the brand object, font, and colors.

What makes a good logo

Getting a distinguished design for your business logo is not a piece of cake as many people imagine. It is because an effective logo has a few essential characteristics to have for building great brands. Remember! design is actually the thinking made visual.

So, what are the essentials of a successful logo design? Let’s have a look at the given ingredients that collectively make up an impressive logo:

✓ Recognizability is one of the most critical elements of the logo. Your logo should be recognized by the people in a blink of eye or fraction of a second.

✓ A great logo is something that triggers a rapid emotional reaction among the people. It should not be too much complicated in design or style.

✓ The globe is flooded with unlimited symbols, stamps, and designs; your logo should be the unique piece easy to remember and retained.

✓ People get attracted by the objects that appeal their aesthetic sense. So, the logo should have discerning aesthetic attractiveness.

✓ Relevancy with the market niche or industry is something crucial for logos.  You cannot use a vehicle image for describing real estate business.

✓ A clear, concise and comprehensive message is essential to be used with the logo. Business taglines are usually written to enhance logo designs.

If you want your business to be noticed and remembered, then starting with the right logo is the necessary first step towards that realization. The best start when deciding on a logo is to invest in the services of professional logo designers. SpiralClick’s expert team of experienced graphic designers will lead you towards an exceptional trademark for your company that will be the foundation of a strong brand.

The Importance of Great Logo Designs 

According to the founder of “The Sod-father Landscaping” Wayne Stuetz, the logo is the identity token of your business. It is evident from the fact that individuals always enquire about the logo imprinted on the t-shirt. It is because they want to exhibit the brand they wear.

This is how great logos work for your business – they appeal to people at first to inspire them forever! So, let your logo makes a big difference in the market by getting a unique corporate identity trademark from our logo design company in Dubai.

Here are given a few primary reasons that every business must invest in the stunning business logo design:

Strengthen corporate identity

Consider the cowboys of Western countries who used to brand cattle. It was their own mark. Similarly, the logo in modern times is used to indicate the corporate identity of the business. It reveals ownership.

Generally, the logo is imprinted on brochures, websites, products, labels, and last but not least the store-fronts. In this way, it helps in revealing business uniqueness. Over the years, the logo becomes an important element of the corporate identity of your business. So, you must pay attention to get a regal sounding symbol for your brand.

Allure new customers

Interestingly, the world is not monochromatic which simply means that people want to explore novel things in life. It is evident from the fact that many consumers try newly launched products. So, if you are new to the business and thinking to attract people towards your products or services, it is better to have an inspiring logo.

Not only this, logo plays a significant role in attracting new customers to maturing products that already have a reputation in the market. You should believe in the power of business logo as it prompts the people to make an instant purchase just by getting inspired by your brands.

Makes your brand stand out

For a while, think like a consumer instead of considering the logo as a business owner, and you will surely agree that logo distinguishes the brand in the market. There are many symbols specified in different business logos that exhibit a particular industry. For instance, a cup of coffee with some beans is a clear indication of coffee providers.

No doubt, the prime objective of a business logo is to portray the company’s goals and values to foster increased familiarity with brands. So, an excellent logo for your business can significantly help you to achieve your branding goals for ultimate success. The way brand message is reflected in the design of logos has a long-lasting impact on people.

People usually go for the color scheme, text and images used by a business company while buying products. In this way, it should be widely different from all existing brands in the market. Don’t forget to instill your branding strategy into your logo for the best results in marketing.

Takes Away!

Summing up, many people overlook the importance of getting a unique logo for their business. It is evident from the fact that startup individuals and small business owners consider to have free logo design templates or logo maker app and try their luck. But, you need to stand unique among the crowd. So! Don’t ever underestimate the value of acquiring our professional logo design company to enhance your brand recognition.

SpiralClick share the pride in offering stunning logo designs to meet your branding requirements. We have extensive experience of working with many clients from every industry to deliver consistent brand through various other corporate identity materials such as a brochure, office stationery, email newsletters, social media marketing, and print media advertising. Our professional services will make your company stand out from the crowd while remaining professional and eye-catching.

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