5 Steps to a Website Redesign
04 April 2015

“The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.”

It’s a waste of your online presence if your consumers end up navigating away from your website because it is filled with clutter and giving long loading times. With the advent of fast moving social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and the development of smartphones and tablets, it has become more critical to reassess your online presence.

In the following article we will be listing down the five essentials to maintain a clutter-free, neat and clean website:


The first step

would be to run your existing data through a refining phase which will enable you to understand how people use your website. After figuring this out, it is easy for you to remove the unnecessary elements and retain the essentials for your website.

The goal:

After careful analysis of the user data, a list of must-have functions should be made.


The second step

is to breakdown the functional elements of your website into multiple chunks and then evaluate whether your website should be performing that particular task or not. If done properly, your website could get an entire mess eliminated in just one go. Once you are done with the elimination process, the next task is to rank the remaining functions and start the creation of your website based on those rankings.

The goal:

A set of page layouts should be formed which should be as close to the end-product as possible. The page layouts must include the most important functions. It is not a problem if the layout is minimalistic at this stage.


The third step

is to search for web solutions that cater to both your needs and your end-user’s requirement. A perfect balance between the two is the deciding factor between a successful website and a non-successful one. With the progression in internet, there is a multitude of hosting services that you can choose from and all the add-ons could be managed with ease.

The goal:

A hosting solution should be determined and the site should finally be developed. The site should be analyzed on tablet and mobile phones to fix any loopholes that might exist.


The fourth step

is to add a little social media flavor to the redesigned website. In the redesigning phase social media should be carefully integrated and dynamic content (such as video, blog posts and updates) should be given the utmost importance.

The goal:

Expand as much as you can to the social media while still clinging to your initial design plan.


The final step

includes a series of testing on the updated website. The website should be strained with tests to check for any loopholes that might sour down the end user experience. You should layout an entire criteria which would determine whether the site is a failure or success.

The goal:

A firm plan should be made and your site’s performance should be constantly analyzed. Remember, website is a never-ending work in progress.

“In today’s information age of Marketing and Web 2.0, a company’s website is the key to their entire business.”

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