‎5-Step Website Redesign Project Plan without Losing SEO
29 Apr 2015

 “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.”

The desire to appear precisely the same as you want may have some cost for your website because the internet world is constantly changing. You will surely agree that it’s a waste of your online presence if your consumers end up navigating away from your website because it is filled with clutter and giving long loading times. To avoid this, you should come up with a well-crafted website redesign plan comprising essential steps to make facelifts without affecting SEO.

With the advent of fast-moving technology and the development of smartphones and tablets, it has become more critical to preserve rankings and organic traffic while keeping your website up-to-date. So, reconsider your online presence by ensuring a well-maintained website because it is the face of your business.

In the following article, a comprehensive website redesign planning guide is provided to maintain a clutter-free, neat, and clean website. Are you ready?

Steps to Plan a Website Revamp Without Hurting Your SEO 

Adjustments are good for a renaissance. It is so true when it comes to keeping a website for years. It is because somehow you need to maintain your website to meet the modern web design trends and visitors' expectations. Not only this, but the smooth user experience is also essential for your business growth.

However, modifying your website layouts and underlined framework is not a piece of cake because you have to retain traffic by all means. So, you should always plan for managing a website redesign while considering SEO factors in mind. It’s an art and science. But, you can ace this with an effective plan based on the given step-by-step guide:

The first step: Discover

At this point, you have to run your existing data through a refining phase, which will enable you to understand how people use your website. After figuring this out, it will be easy for you to remove the unnecessary elements and retain the essentials for your website. It will also help you to discover the crucial signs for a quick website makeover without compromising the existing traffic.

After careful analysis of the user data, a list of must-do improvements should be made. Consider the given questions for understanding your goals:

  • What purpose your website serves for?

  • How is the website unable to serve that purpose?

  • Why does the current website design need to be improved?

  • What should be the strategy for website redesigning?

The second step: Define

The next step is to breakdown the functional elements of your website into multiple chunks. Then, you can evaluate whether your website should be performing that particular task or not. It means that you have to conduct a website audit for defining the weaknesses to have a clear picture. In this way, you will be able to figure out the clutter and unnecessary design elements on your website. If done properly, your website could get an entire mess eliminated in just one go.

Once you are done with the elimination process, the next task is to rank the remaining functions and start the creation of your website based on those rankings. Therefore, you should define the functional and non-functional requirements of your website along with site architecture, front-end design uplifts, and backend performance. Defining the end-product will surely help in streamlining the activities. Consider the given:

  • Make a website redesign plan by creating a to-do list

  • A set of page layouts should be formed.

  • The page layouts must include essential functions.

  • It is not a problem if the layout is minimalistic at this stage.

  • Estimate your budget for getting major website facelifts

The third step: Distribute

It is the most crucial step as you have to search for a trust-worthy web solution provider that caters to both your needs and your end-users requirement. A perfect balance between the two is the deciding factor for a successful website. For example, if you in Dubai, considering website design services near you, can help manage all the add-ons with ease. So, distribute your responsibilities of uplifting website theme with the expert designers will help you eliminate a traffic drop after the redesign.

Surely, it will help you to determine the best ways for your website reformation to be developed finally. The given tips will help you go through the stage successfully:

  • Search for local web design services with credibility experience

  • Share your website analysis facts and restyle ideas

  • Ask for expert’s opinion and get some useful insights

  • Negotiate the services charges for maintenance tasks

The fourth step: Design

It is not that your role is wholly ended, once you have hired the experienced web designers. It is because you have to be there to get things done as you desire. For example, communicating your requirements and acknowledging the accomplished work of designing will help you save time. It is better to ask the professionals to keep you in the loop for improved performance.

Your presence is vital because the redesigning phase includes a series of testing on the updated website. The website should be strained with tests to check for any loopholes that might sour down the end-user experience. You should layout entire criteria that would determine whether the site is a failure or success. Also, consider improving the SEO elements besides other aspects. A few tips are given to help you get through this stage:

  • Follow up for redesigning work regularly

  • Look for update landing pages of your website

  • Check out the functional performance accurately

  • Ensure proper integration of essential site elements

  • Improve website responsiveness for all screen

  • Check out if website uplifts are aligned with modern trends

The final step: Disseminate

Expand as much as you can to the social media while still clinging to your initial design plan. It is suggested to add a little social media flavor to the website while it is under construction. So, social media should be carefully integrated, and dynamic content (such as video, blog posts, and updates) should be generated to keep your existing users engaged without any interruption. This is all about the dissemination of information through social share for retaining existing traffic.

However, a firm plan should be made for quality assurance. Also, your site’s performance should be analyzed continuously. Here are some tips to keep your website alive even during the makeover days:

  • Keep your targeted audience well-informed about a website redesign

  • Gain trust of your existing users with sharing the latest news of your business

  • Engage clients through email newsletters and other promotions

  • Stay active at business social media accounts regularly

Start your website redesign process today!

Summing up, refreshing your website with essential facelifts can help you improve usability. It ultimately generates more leads for your business. So, why not go for it right away? However, revamping your website, blog, or web application always seems to be a daunting task. It is owing to the fear of losing existing users traffic and lack of expertise.

Don’t let such apprehensions stop you from doing the right thing. Consult with the best website maintenance companies to help you get an awesome website layout with improved functionality without losing the traffic at all. Isn’t a stress-free solution? Surely it is!

Remember! The website is a never-ending work in progress. Start a project to get your website uplift from minor to significant redesigning for engaging users more than ever. We are just a click away!