Top 7 Signs Your eCommerce Website Requires A Makeover
30 Nov 2019

Have you ever heard “diamond is forever”? Unfortunately, websites are not! Particularly when you are running an ecommerce business and the conversion rate is too low. It is a clear indication that nothing in the website is eternal or forever, but, your website is missing something – essentially, your ecommerce website needs a regular makeover!

Presently, every company should have a responsive and easy to navigate a website for their online shopping store in order to engage potential customers. According to recent research, around 75% of people consider the credibility and reliability of a business by analyzing the website.

There is no denying that the first impression of your shopping website is important because it is a 24/7 sales point. Many businesses operating in a competitive market, are well aware of this fact. Owing to this, they actively seek the services of website maintenance professionals for a website facelift regularly. It’s a good approach because every day your business sites are aging a little!

A website overhaul is a petty investment, but if you are not convinced enough to pay for a re-work, you are suggested to read this post to get a fair idea!

7 Essential Indications your Ecommerce Website Needs a Makeover

Many times, you have observed that your website for online shopping is not well-organized, although the elements are up-to-date. In other cases, the ecommerce owners may feel the web design is old and generating errors. No matter what is the case, you should not ignore the signs that attract your attention towards major facelifts of your website.

Here are given the most important indicators highlighting the need for a makeover of your ecommerce website:

1. Website responsiveness is missing

Smartphones are used to get a solution for every problem on the fingertips. Owing to this reason, the websites must be compatible with all smart devices to accommodate the requirements of all and sundry.

However, if your ecommerce website is not responsive, you should consider a sign for ensuring mobile optimization without any further delay. It is because around 6.6 billion individuals across the world are connected through smartphones, and this is expected to grow up to 7.8 billion by 2028.

So, the ecommerce owners should be prepared for accommodating fast-growing trends in mobile usage by ensuring mobile-friendly websites.

2. Ecommerce modules are designed in flash

During the initial days of ecommerce emergence, websites were designed using flash because it was an interactive tool of designing shining and bright themes. However, you need to get your website re-designed because mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone do not support it.

Further, the famous search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing are unable to read information from flash. So, the users have to install plugins for flash modules configuration. It discourages the users from buying anything from your online portals that lead to a higher bounce rate. So, you should consider flash as a red flag for your business website.

3. Fragile ranking in search engines

Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors to achieve higher visibility in online businesses. For this reason, the eCommerce website should offer SEO-friendly web design along with information-rich content. If your website is not updated over the years, your business is already outdated among the targeted customers.

It is imperative to understand that if you don’t update your website content regularly, it will lose presence in SERP. So, ecommerce website owners should focus more on SEO trends for incorporating fresh and unique content. For this reason, it is suggested to come up with a comprehensive SEO strategy to upgrade the website in order to achieve a competitive edge over the rivals through higher rankings in search engines.

4. Website bounce rate is higher

The ecommerce businesspeople focus more on business analytics to improve sales generation. However, if you are striving hard to showcase the latest products on your website, but users abruptly leave the website without exploring the products, something is missing on your site.

So, you should pay attention to identify the main reasons why people just view the pages and leave without buying anything. It considerably impacts business conversions. It simply means that the potential customer did not find your website useful enough to make a purchase.

In this way, the bounce rate is a strong sign that your online portal needs an immediate maintenance plan for a redesign. Don’t forget to make sure that your website redesign strategy is properly aligned with the expectations of the targeted audience.

Pro tipbest strategy to decrease the website bounce rate

5. Web design is out-of-date

Have you ever noticed that ecommerce sites in the 1990s were not the same as today? If not yet, then it is suggested to check the evolution of ecommerce business in order to understand what has changed till today. There were no Chatbots, along with many other features in the past. So, keep an eye over the changing website tools and techniques to update your website.

Therefore, the ecommerce website owners should focus on the latest web design trends to keep the website abreast with all essential elements to inspire potential customers. It can be done by incorporating clean and simple themes with well-organized products showcasing. Don’t forget to assimilate artificial intelligence to record user preference to offer a personalized user experience next time.

6. Website loading speed is slow

Running an online business in the fastest moving tech-savvy world is not easy. It is because people expect a website to be loaded in the browser, on average 2 seconds. If they find the website slow, they leave it without wasting another second in waiting. Therefore, business owners must consider browser loading speed as a major success factor.

Do you think about why? Let’s understand it with an easy example; if an online shopping website is generating a revenue of around $100,000 daily, a delay of 1 second in page loading can cause a loss of $2.5 million annually.  Therefore, it is better to optimize page load speed to ensure higher profitability.

7. On-site blog content is outdated

Every website is required to maintain blog posts on a regular basis to keep the users updated with recent promotions and trends in online shopping. However, if your website does not have a blog for your audience, you might be missing the most important element of success in ecommerce. It is owing to the reason because search engines crawl through the websites to answer the user searched queries.

Therefore, it is essential to publish fresh content on the website to reflect your business creatively. Additionally, maintaining the off-page content can also help the ecommerce owners to link their pages for link building. So, it is suggested to get involved in active blog writing to offer updated information to the users for higher business recognition over the internet.

Conclusion on Danger Signs for Website Makeover

Every business, regardless of its model and presence in the marketplace, needs updates regularly, and it is the same with ecommerce websites. So, running an old-fashioned and overgrown web design with many errors and speed issues can prove to be a graveyard for your online business. Don’t let your business die this way!

If you are neglecting your ecommerce website for a considerable time, you are sending a “no-no” message to your targeted customers. However, you can turn this negative impression into an awe-inspiring experience by maintaining your website to maximize conversions. It is because regular updates help your business to become the best version in the digital world!

Remember! There is no second impression when it comes to selling online. So, always improve your online shopping website functionally and aesthetically to create a positive impact on your visitors! If you’ve got it, flaunt it- Contact Us to get an exclusive maintenance plan for your website!