What Makes A Good Website: Top 9 Elements To Consider
17 Apr 2020

In this world of increasing digitalization, nearly every individual has access to the internet. The World Wide Web is catering to almost all individual needs, including information, education, entertainment, and business. This has augmented the importance of a website for business people, entrepreneurs, and startup owners with a perspective of engaging customers. However, a well-designed website should have certain elements to make it an excellent interface to reach people.

If you don’t have a website, your business may perform significantly low as you may miss many lucrative opportunities. It is because the digital presence serves as a marketing platform for companies.

Does this encourage you enough to get a website? But, first, know the basic elements of a great website to attract and engage potential customers effectively!

Top 9 Essential Elements of a Good Website to Consider

Nevertheless, a website is not merely a collection of pages but a vital tool in the arsenal of the businesses to build a customer’s base. Strategic design can help you surpass the rival’s competition while providing an awe-inspiring user experience to the targeted audience.

So, what distinguishes a good website from the rest? Let’s consider a few elements that you must consider while getting your website developed:

1. Elements of branding

Ever you noticed that sites have some components for a must. For example, logo, company name, and a defined color scheme. These are the fundamental aspects of branding. Generally, the website logo is placed on the left-most side of the landing page, followed by other components on the page.  However, the logo can also be placed in the center of the page.

Next comes the color theme of the website. Keeping the color contrast aligned with the logo is the best way to enhance the landing page design. It is suggested to consider your branding goals in detail to ensure an eye-catchy color-scheme.

Here are given some tips for integrating branding into the website:

  • Pick a great logo design in accordance with your business brand.

  • Select the basic color scheme of the website carefully.

  • Use a typeface that exhibits the essence of your brand.

2. Navigation

People visit websites to get their required information. Therefore, information must be accessible in the most natural ways. A well-defined menu placed on a suitable webpage section can help in easy navigation.

For this purpose, the website wireframe is crafted to ensure an ideal site map. The ease of navigation depends on the comprehensively developed sitemap. Remember! Menu buttons and tabs are the roadmap to access the desired information; make it user-friendly. Consider the tips for the idea:

  • Use a well-structured plan for menu design.

  • Consider a sitemap as a blueprint for navigation.

  • Ensure transitional navigation for ease of accessibility.

3. Visual hierarchy of design

Interestingly, humans are visually oriented beings. It gives the freedom of using graphics in website design to make it visually appealing. The first few seconds are incredibly important in making or breaking the impression of a website to the visitor. Therefore, alluring sliders, information pop-ups, and impressive images are the essential elements of a good website.

Moreover, the placement of visual elements on the web pages has a distinctive value to influence the users psychologically. You may get help from the given below tips:

  • Use laws of visual hierarchy for the psychological impact.

  • Follows a pattern of the left-to-right transition.

  • Use Z or F-pattern of design for visual hierarchy.

4. Proper layout with responsiveness

You surely have explored many websites, having a hundred thousand of themes and styles. For example, multi-page or one-pager and many other forms too. Every layout has some unique characteristics that add some perks along with some limitations. Additionally, responsiveness has become a critical aspect of website layouts.

However, a good website layout has a proper header section, widget bars, and webpage body and footer section. The web layout can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the theme and other requirements. You should consider acquiring the services of professional website design company in Dubai to get a stunning layout for your website. Here we have given few tips to help you ensure a layout as it is a decisive factor of success:

  • Use standard webpage layouts

  • Consider trends in layout design

  • Use a balanced approach for theme and typography

5. Website content

Content is the king, as it plays a critical role in retaining the users and ranking website in the search engines. It is not just limited to the text but, visuals, graphics, images, and videos are also part of the content. Owing to this, the content should be curated to inform and engage the users comprehensively.

A well-curated content copy helps in improving the popularity of the website with searched engine optimized keywords and user search intent-based queries. Look at the given tips to make content easy to read and concise!

6. User-friendly interaction

Interactive design is one of the most crucial elements of a great website because it fosters conversions. The ultimate goal of the site is to provide something informative yet engaging to the users. It is much more than just navigation and content presentation.

For example, an interactive website has a balanced placement of social media proofs and an easy way to get in touch with the website owners. For this purpose, fully-functional contact us page is an integral element.

  • Ensure simplicity of information presentation

  • Get a fully-functional contact us form

  • Help users connect with your social media

7. Impressive typography

You may be thinking that if the selection of typography matters? To your surprise, it not only matters but plays a significant role in retaining customers. Therefore, readable typography is one of the most important website elements.

A website with the right font style and size is more visually appealing and interactive. The selected font is not just a personal choice, but it should meet the criterion of Google also. Here are given a few tips for better understanding:

  • Maintain uniformity of font throughout the website

  • Use font style recommended by Google

  • It’s better to go for simply typeface such as serif

8. Fast browser loading

Mostly, no one wants to wait for someone or something – bitter but reality! So, a good website should not take more than two seconds to load in the browsers. It is imperative to focus on improving your website loading speed for enhanced user experience. It has been observed that people abruptly leave the site if it is taking a long time in loading. So here are the tips:

9. Web accessibility

Everyone has the right to information. It means that equal access to the available information is a must for all website owners. Website accessibility is not something new, but it is as old as people with disability on Earth.

Therefore, a successful website should ensure equal access to the information for all and sundry. It is easy as the website owners have to consider ease of readability for the people with visual impairments, the flexibility of keyword usage for the people with fragile sensory-motor abilities. So, integrating all such elements into your website will rank it among the best ones! Tips are as given:

  • Ensure compliance with accessibility guidelines

  • Use alt tags for images and graphics

  • Website links and tabs should have unique names

Keynote: A Good Website is a Mint of Creativity!

Summing up, the design is the intelligence made visible using webpages. However, it has a specific criterion that every website should meet to ensure creative layouts and engaging style. Hopefully, you have got a better idea of all components of a good website.

Need a responsive website with all essential elements for your business? Contact us to acquire the services of professional web designers for tailored-made solutions. It will help you build your business online based on modern tools and techniques to ensure an awe-inspiring experience.

Don’t forget to empower your business with innovativeness!