Top 10 eCommerce Websites to Inspire Your Business Idea
01 Oct 2019

You are living in an era of technology where online shopping sites are popping up! Are you eager to secure your slice from the online business market of worth USD 1 trillion as per a rough estimation? Before you rush towards the selection of popular e-commerce websites templates, it is imperative for you to get a proper understanding of how online businesses operate.

Surely, you have seen various web portals that enable the users to buy or sell their products online. You might have experience with online shopping. However, this is not enough. You should have an in-depth understanding of the underline working of websites and the importance of responsive web design for your online business.

For this reason, extensive e-commerce websites list is prepared as part of an in-depth case study to help you understand the latest trends in designing online shopping websites. 

Best Ecommerce Websites Design Case Study – Purpose and Inspiration

Before actually presenting a comprehensive case study of the world-famous brands having ecommerce footprints, it is essential to understand the purpose. It is because your time is precious for us. So, let’s learn the most out of this discussion.

Although the whole design of the website is critical for generating higher revenues, three pages are considered a matter of life and death for success. It is the reason that flourishing online businesses pay increased attention to make their website home page, products categories, products showcasing, and check out pages incredibly user-friendly.

It is a matter of understanding that people get their motivation from others who are successful in similar businesses and professions. So, the primary purpose of this article is to help you get ecommerce website design inspiration by comparing different ecommerce business. You can quickly get the idea of how they positively influence their potential customers’ purchase using website design hierarchy, visual appeal, and compelling content.

In case of any confusion in understanding ecommerce design elements, strategies, and business consultancy, you can contact with our eminent ecommerce website designers to get tailor-made solutions for your business.

Top 10 Ecommerce Websites Examples for Design Tips Inspirations

Gone are the days when people rush towards brick-and-mortar stores every Sunday to purchase things for their daily use. E-stores are the face of modern-day shopping. The growing trends in online shopping are proof that ecommerce businesses will expand beyond expectations.

Even today, you may find plenty of popular ecommerce websites to buy a wide range of products and services, starting from a simple pen to highly complex electronic appliances. However, if you are going to start your own ecommerce business, you have to analyze all existing online sales and purchase website from a different perspective.

Don’t worry; the article is intended to help you get some knowledge regarding giant ecommerce companies operating globally. You will get to know key points regarding web design elements that should be incorporated into your website to attract more customers. Let’s start with the following:

1. Amazon


The homepage of Amazon focuses on the basic layout of website design using a justified structure with essential elements, including a search bar, product categories, header, and slider. The objective is to retain the users by offering quick access to main categories instead of jumping straights towards promotional products display.

Website color theme selection has been given due importance as the brand has incorporated strong gradient colors to keep the users excited about new and existing products. A simple yet inspiring slider with instant information is worth to attract the attention of all and sundry. “Sign in securely” is a compelling call to action (CTA) used to indicate the company’s concern regarding user privacy.

Not only this, the website has successfully established itself as a global vendor by incorporating a multi-lingual translator that has English as a default language. The location identifier is also displayed on the home page to make people explore products that are available to their homeland.

Quick Take Away:

  • The color scheme should be selected wisely as it should not eliminate white spaces in web pages.

  • User Sign up options should be shown prominently to get user attention quickly.

  • The use of CTAs is a must for attracting potential customers to engage them for a longer time.

  • Displaying trendy products categories on the landing page can help to engage users for a longer time.

2. Chewy


The simple, clean design of Chewy with authentic references to be trusted pet care products is enough to attract many potential customers. The website offers 24/7 support to its visitors for inquiry related to pets’ food, medicine, and toys can help the visitors to select the appropriate product for their puppies, kitties, fish, and birds.

The vendors are using emotional selling content technique by incorporating “save 30%” “get 5-10% extra” and “free delivery for 49$ above purchase” that is a smart way of boosting ecommerce sales. Not only this, quick way to have products added to cart and user-friendly checkout options encouraged spontaneous purchase by the users.

Interestingly, the landing page of the website has plenty of white spaces which make the design optimal with respect to appeal and functionality. An extensive search bar option within the header enables the users to search their required products within seconds.

Quick Take Away

  • Every website should have a customized search bar for users to get quick access to their required products.

  • The design of the website should not necessarily be overwhelmed, and bold but limited and neat pages attract the users more.

  • Don’t forget to add emotional selling techniques into your website for alluring customers smartly.

3. Annahharriri


The website of the UAE-based women apparel brand is an excellent example of beauty and bold. The colors, images, products displays, and white backgrounds exhibit a royal appeal. Not only this, the way of managing clearance sale advertisements on the homepage of the website is enough to allure fashion-driven women across the globe.

Overall, the website design utilizes red and black color combination with inspiring typography. It not only helps the users to get better text information but also adds value to the products display. Further, the navigation of the website is simple to ensure comprehensive content organization. The idea of incorporating Reward Program and Giveaways is lucrative for most of the users.

Testimonials are considered an essential component of an ecommerce website that should be given due importance. Annahharriri has added testimonials under the tab “Happy Customers.” Arabic language selection options enable the users from Gulf countries, Middle East and African regions to understand products more in their native style.

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Quick Take Away

  • Selection of images and pictures has a considerable impact on web design illustration.

  • Navigation should be smooth and well organized to direct the users towards desired information.

  • Website font should be a combination of small black typography and big, bold words for visitors’ attraction.

  • Don’t forget to have a distinctive section on your website for client’s testimonials.

4. Bliss World

Bliss World

A minimalistic approach towards designing beauty products ecommerce site might be new for many people, but it is impressive. With soothing sky blue and purple color, the Bliss World website seems to attract beauty-geeks enthusiastically.

The navigation of the website is designed quite innovatively owing to the use of menu icons. It has enabled the website to be accessible equally by every type of users, including disabled people. Plenty of white spaces are used in the landing page with a purpose to ensure calming user experience.

The use of simple yet alluring call of actions (CTAs) “Shop Masks” and “Just Arrived” are perhaps working quite well for the vendors. However, the most exciting thing about the Bliss website is optimal browser loading speed as you can access your desired products with a blink of eyes.

Quick Take Away

5. Ali Express

Ali Express

Every individual who is using the internet is undoubtedly aware of Ali Express. It is a China-based ecommerce business having products for vendors, suppliers, and individual buyers. The estore contains a wide variety of product categories starting from women clothing to home improvement tools.

The home page of the website focuses on the purpose of displaying products with a high standard layout and structure. The descriptions of products as provided by different manufacturers are easy to understand for making purchase decisions. The website is considered an authentic source of buying products in bulk.

As depicted in the snapshot, the category listing of Ali Express is extensively designed to help the users in selecting their desired products. The feature of search also incorporates category finding facility. The most exciting thing about website design is the prominent placement of “Join” and “Sign In” box.

Further, the ecommerce options incorporated in the website are mobile-friendly. It means that users can access the site from their smart devices to buy products. This facility enables users to enjoy a seamless experience of online shopping.

Quick Take Away

  • Ecommerce website should have proper categories to organize products optimally.

  • It is imperative that website design should offer an inspiring experience of shopping to all and sundry.

  • The design of ecommerce websites should be mobile responsive to be accessed through various smart devices.

  • Products displayed on the website should have a brief yet comprehensive description to help users understand the benefits of buying their required products.

6. New Chapter

Mew Chapter

The website is an excellent depiction of striking purplish theme with increased visual appeal. The colorful images used in the design and a few words descriptions make the website more alluring to be explored in detail. No doubt, the landing page layout is appropriate for high-end fitness medicines.

A cursory glance at the website gives an impression of the one-page website, but it contains other divisions and web pages also. New Chapter website presents a blend of innovation with the traditional amalgamation of visual hierarchy and space management.

Further, design texture and pattern used for webpage sections differentiation significantly increase the website usability. Besides other design elements, the vertical scroll bar is designed to ensure a proper transition to all the content segments. Overall, you may get informative hints about the latest web design trends by observing all elements used in the website.

Quick Take Away

  • Minimal ecommerce homepage designs are appealing to the people when it comes to relaxing beauty products.

  • Website menu should be simple enough to be grasped quickly, but effective information organization is a must.

  • Adequate user support should be included in website design to help customers contact the vendors easily.

  • The use of brand color scheme on the website can help the business in better recognition

  • If you are thinking to set up your business online, it is suggested to acquire professional services of ecommerce solutions providers.

7. Mobile Shop

Mobile Shop

An eminent ecommerce setup in Dubai is alluring more customers owing to the simplicity of its design and innovative technology gadgets. The deals and offerings are displayed using a giant product image with an inspiring call to action “Shop Now.” Sales tags are attached to help people estimate their budget for buying their desired product.

The overall layout and visual appeal of the website are impressive. Further, mobile responsiveness has increased the user experience as many of the customers use their smart devices to make a purchase online.

Big pictures are handy to give a real-time experience of watching products that is a convenient way of products showcasing. These are also scan-friendly to have a copy of your favorite product to ensure the accuracy of purchase delivery.

The color scheme is selected wisely as it attracts many customers belonging to different age groups and genders too. Not only this, the design is perfectly aligned with simple yet intuitive adjectives to make the website clean and accessible for everyone.

Quick Take Away

  • It is not always necessary to have bright colors and shrilling graphics, but simplicity wins the hearts.

  • Use mega pictures to allure more visitors by ensuring increased visibility and clean visuals.

  • The idea of using a separate section for categories is handy in use and easy to incorporate in the design.

  • Don’t forget to make your website mobile-friendly to improve the customers buying experience.

8. Fit Emirates

fit emirates

Surely, you have visited many websites displaying large pictures of their products to highlight their features and application. The same is right about Fit Emirates website that offers different fitness and sports products.

The approach of featured images enables the vendors to showcase their valuable products to attract the attention of potential customers at first sight. In this way, you can select or search your required products easily. What is more pleasing than having something free with your select sports equipment? Seems interesting! No doubt, it is a clicky way of getting more sales.

Further, Chabot elements are getting higher popularity in ecommerce websites. It offers the customers to ask their queries directly using the website interface. The fast responses from the vendors drive customers buying decisions positively. Additionally, language selection options no doubt engage visitors with information in their native accent and style.

Quick Take Away

  • Website sliders help to make featured products stand out in the crowd of categories and items.

  • A small but efficient chatbox can help in assisting customers for better sales support.

  • Big pictures help in creating big images of the products and services offered by the ecommerce websites.

  • Don’t forget to include multi-language selection options to help visitors understand your business nature and products.

9. Cruise Master

cruise master

Here is the best example of using bright colors to excite people for instant shopping. The orange and black color contrast is more than enough to make the website bespeak design for business inspiration.

The products boxes design in a horizontal manner is used to complement the bigger front image. The logo is used prominently to make a powerful impression at first sight. Products Navigation is distinct and comprehensively designed.

The most inspiring fact that makes the website design of CruiseMaster is the placement of a secure shopping cart. It helps the customers to pay their products price through smooth processes to be completed in a short time.

The web design theme color makes a considerable difference when it comes to checking out function. It is because colors impact human psychology. So, when you are struggling with the question “how to choose color combinations for website” – don’t forget to consider the unique scheme used on the website of CruiseMaster.

Quick Take Away

  • The process of checking out should be easy to understand for all types of users.

  • More than two ways of paying options should be available to the users, including PayPal, Visa, and cash on delivery.

  • Website design color combination should be considered for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • It is good to use major categories at landing pages to narrow down customers searching vision.

  • Don’t forget orange is the new black – feel free to use it but ensure to align with your branding strategy.

10. Aztecasoccer


No matter, you are a professional soccer player or casually play the game; finding sporting goods is a challenge until you explore Azteca Soccer. It is one of the leading brans famous for the best soccer cleats and shoes. The company maintains a great bold and stunning ecommerce website design to sell their products.

One the website is browsed, the loading speed is well optimized as you will see the images right at first sight. Not only this, the site is designed smartly with minimalistic content, while images are used to redirect the product categories. The overall layout of the website is kept simple yet hover images to enables the users to get first-hand information about product prices. 

The most exciting factor about the Azteca Soccer website is that large menu is used with different product sections. However, not everything is put on the header, but significant detail of subscription and payment methods is given using the extended footer. It no doubt makes the website alluring for the customers as they can navigate using front-page images.

Quick Take Away

  • The homepage should be kept minimalist with high browser-loading speed.

  • The zoom on hover style can add uniqueness to your website with only a little effort.

  • Out of the box, images and photography can surely add value to the website design.

  • Simplify the search to help the users find your products directly from the landing pages.

What’s next?

Hopefully, you have collected considerable knowledge about ecommerce website designs and their strategies for approaching potential customers. You might like a few websites altogether, but it is not that clone them precisely the same but, you should come up with some innovative.

A better idea would be to select a few interactive elements of all website designs you have seen till now and consult our web designing specialists at SpiralClick to incorporate them in your online business website.

Feel free to contact us as we know how to keep our clients satisfied with the most inspiring ecommerce designs for setting up successful online businesses.


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