Website Maintenance: The Multifold Aspects You Should Know
15 Mar 2022

Website owners spend a lot of their time and money developing a dynamic website for their company, and they get there quickly. However, the journey forward is not easy as the next step is website maintenance. Due to website maintenance's complexity and technicality, the process must be done with great care and due diligence.

Website maintenance can help you keep your website updated to attract an audience and encourage growth. It can engage and retain customers while simultaneously setting a trap for lead generation.

Website maintenance multifold aspects

Building a website might be easier but maintaining it is a trickier task. A website can't work on its own until you put an extra effort into taking care of its technical aspects. Without regular maintenance, it will never generate fruitful results for your website.

Quick Facts:

  • More than 73.2% of websites on the internet are running outdated and vulnerable.

  • 68% of websites do not have a data recovery plan in place.

  • 87% of websites have high or medium cyber security risks.

  • 77% of websites takes more than 10 seconds to load on mobile

  • 53% of visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

All these points have strong connections with website maintenance, and you must not overlook them. Let us go through the multifold aspects of website maintenance to emphasize the term further.

1. Reasons to Maintain Your Website:

There are multiple reasons you should regularly maintain website. Some of the striking reasons are:

  • Boosts SEO score

  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction

  • Increases website security

  • Enhanced your website UI/UX score

  • Promotes conversion and lead generation

  • Improves your website loading speed

2. Tasks Involved in Website Maintenance:

Here is a list of tasks you should perform to keep your website working correctly.

  • Review search console

  • Check for broken links

  • Update CMS and website plugins

  • Review website analytics

  • Keep an open eye on website updates

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3. Ultimate Website Maintenance Checklist:

If you are thinking of following a website maintenance checklist, here are a few tips you should never miss out on.

i) Weekly Website Maintenance Checklist

  • Updated core plugins and software

  • Check for broken links

  • Check for 404 errors

  • Post blog posts for enhancing SEO score

  • Check for all the forms

ii) Monthly Website Maintenance Checklist

iii) Quarterly Website Maintenance Checklist

iv) Annual Website Maintenance Checklist

4. Why pay for it?

Website maintenance is a crucial aspect of your website health, and here are a few reasons you should spend money on it.

  • Stay up-to-date

  • Protect your brand value

  • Focus on your core business values

5. How to find the right company?

Finding the best website maintenance company could be a tricky challenge, but you can take help from the following points.

  • Know the pricing strategy

  • Know your website maintenance requirements

  • Connect with the right partner

Key Takeaway:

Many website owners try to save dollars by independently doing all the maintenance tasks. Despite being straightforward and doable, website maintenance tasks can sometimes be overwhelming, and you will find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere. It would be best to hire a professional website maintenance company and let them do the job for you.