Strategic Guide on How to Do Local SEO In 2023
30 Apr 2020

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first” - Wendy Piersall

In this globalized world, where the concept of localization is diminishing rapidly, many people are looking for a comprehensive definition of what is local SEO.  If you are reading this article, you are surely one of them!

Till now, everyone is well aware of the fact that why they need to have their websites on top rankings in search engines. So, there is no need for bragging about the benefits of search engine optimization

Starting with the very basic:

What is Local SEO?

The process is referred to as the optimization of websites to rank in top listings for more relevant searches locally. The search results can be for local businesses through the famous search engines, including Google, Yelp, Bing, Apple Maps, and others.

The article is designed to provide you with a comprehensive guide about localizing your SEO strategy for optimized listing in Google. But, before we get into a deep discussion on how to do local SEO, here are some points you should accomplish first for local search optimization:

First Thing First: Optimize Google My Business Listing Search in 2023

You must understand the importance of Google My Business Listing (GMB) as it is the base ground for the way your business information is displayed on Google in the form of data graph and the maps. The signals gathered from “Google My Business” comes up first while ranking websites in maps listings.

Google has modified its working style for the naming scheme considerably over the years.  There was a time when it was known as “Google Local”; then, it transformed as the component of Google Plus+. Presently, it has been separated as an independent entity that has augmented its role for SEO.

Follow below tips to optimize Google My Business listing:

  • Use lots of images

Including rich brand and product images to your Google My Business Listing will engage more visitors, increase the no. of user activities, and help you build a more authoritative site.

  • Create virtual tour

Create a strong visual presence in GMB; include storytelling images to encourage visitors to get more involved with your brand.

  • Focus more on  “ABOUT” section

Build a strong about section of GMB. Describe your brand and products passionately to visitors so that they may develop a greater interest in your business.

Write about your products and link them with website pages. Add the tags section and then include the most relevant keywords that describe your business well.

  • Verify your Google My-Business-Listing.

  • Publish Google Posts in your Google-My-Business profile.

  • Citation distribution across authoritative channels

NOW, let’s begin from the actual process:

Top Tips for Doing Local SEO Optimization in 2023

Presently, many business organizations have different SEO plans to reach out to their targeted audience. It helps them to achieve a competitive advantage over their rival companies.

For those who want to get the first-hand guide, we have simply divided this piece of content into two main categories, i.e., Onpage and off-page optimization. Follow this guide below and optimize your business website for your locality.

Top 5 On-Page Optimization Tips To Improve Local SEO in 2023

On-page website optimization is one of the most important factors for achieving a high Google Ranking. About 60 to 70% of a website’s ranking depends on the on-page SEO. Listed below are the basics you should consider for your local on-page SEO strategy.

1. Title Tags

The title tag is the most important element in on-page optimization. The title defines your business to the visitors by appearing as a clickable headline on search engine pages. For website title optimization, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Include your brand name.

  • Include your main business query.

  • Include your location for local presence.

  • Keep the title under the Google recommended words count.

  • Make it unique for every page.

2. Meta Description

After the website title and URL in search engine result pages, Meta description is another thing that provides brief insights about your product. Here are a few tips for writing better descriptions:

  • Write a unique description for every page.

  • Include the business name and the targeted location for the local guide.

  • Keep it under the recommended word count.

  • Include the major keywords that define each page.

However, if you need a more compressive guide, follow the post on how to write a great title and Meta description for SEO.

3. Local Schema Markup

Schema markup is a code or the set of codes that interpret your website’s information to the search engine crawlers. Schema is one of the most crucial elements for local SEO marketing.

Having local schema markup implemented on the website generates rich snippets on SERPs, which results in a better Click through Rate (CTR). Presently, Google supports information-rich snippets for ratings based on the reviews of recipes, news articles, events, and videos. So, focus on comprehensiveness to increase CTRs.

4. Website Speed

Website loading speed is another important element for both local and global SEO marketing, as Google favors fast loading websites. For better website loading speeds follow these tips:

  • Optimize website images

  • Optimize text to HTML ratio

  • Reduce server response time

  • Enable compression

  • Optimize CSS delivery

5. Think Mobile

According to Google surveys, 60% of all organic searches come from mobile devices, which is a clear indication of the role that mobile users should not be ignored.

A responsive website design gains more credibility and trust from Google. Late in 2015, Google announced an algorithm update that penalized all sites that were unresponsive or not optimized for mobile devices.

Off-Page SEO Tips for Local Search Optimization in 2023

Off-page optimization is another important factor for achieving a top ranking in search engines. Different off-page SEO strategies are used to enhance online visibility and increase traffic on the website.

When it comes to local search optimization, a wide variety of Off-page SEO practices are used, such as:

1. Local Keyword Research

Analysis of keywords is one of the core elements of a good SEO strategy. Different queries and phrases are analyzed to find the most suitable and relevant keywords for businesses.

As Google uses text and codes on a website to learn about businesses, it is very important to optimize your website for the local keywords that users mostly search for your website products.

A variety of keyword research tools are available in the market, which helps a great deal in finding your business keywords. Here are some basics when shortlisting your local searched keywords:

  • Choose a relevant keyword that matches best your industry

  • Prioritize location-based keywords like “Coffee shops in Jumeirah

  • Always consider long-tail keywords, they are easy to rank in SERPs

  • Choose a high search volume, CTR, and low competition queries

2. Voice Search

Like other SEO techniques, voice search has become a booming SEO factor during this year – the trend is going to expand considerably in 2022. It might be surprising for you that only in the first month of 2018, there were more than one billion voice searches. Adding more to your astonishment, around 40% of these searches were with local intent through mobile devices. So, don’t underestimate the value of voice search for local SEO.

There is no denying that human beings love to have more comfort in life. Therefore, the convenience of searching their required information through voice commands is something very lucrative for most of the people. You must ensure the given elements in your content marketing strategy to reach such people accurately and directly:

  • Use highly desired keywords with local intent

  • Focus on long-tail keywords strategy for effective search

  • Arrange keywords in decreasing order with respect to search volume

  • Organize keywords in increasing order with respect to competition

  • Utilize the autocomplete facility of Google to become the first to answer

  • You may also incorporate “Near Me” type queries like “coffee shop near me

3. Customer Review

Reviews are considered essential for business credibility over the internet. The potential consumers assess the quality of services and products of local business through customers’ feedback. It will not be wrong to say that feedback, comments, and testimonials provide evidence for social proof.

Therefore, reviews provided by the existing clients not only help to bring your website to the surface in local searches but also shapes purchase decisions. Here are given some quick strategies to maintain proper customers review system for your business:

  • Meet customers’ expectations to get good reviews

  • Ask open-ended inquiries to get reviews

  • Request trusted clients to write testimonials

  • Respond to both positive and negative reviews

  • Update customers provided reviews regularly

  • Share positive reviews often to ensure credibility.

Takes Away for Your Local Search Optimization

Hopefully, this epic guide on “how to optimize the website for local SEO” has given you essential food for thought to optimize your business website for local consumers. However, this is only iceberg’s tip because SEO is an extensively broad field of study which requires a technical understanding of how the search engine works.

Don’t forget to get professional assistance for a better local optimization strategy based on effective tactics for the local audience. Get started today!


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