26 Mar 2020

An effective SEO strategy ensures that your site ranks at the top of a search engine for a given keyword. Link building has long been used in the online marketing techniques to build recognition of websites. Creating as many backlinks as you can drive traffic to your website.

Today, there is more to SEO than just creating backlinks to your website by using keywords. In the earliest days, SEO professionals made sure there was an abundance of links in their website content. The quantity was more important than the quality of content. As a result, Google introduced an algorithm to restrict people from generating spammy content.

Even though techniques used for optimizing websites have been evolved over the years, still, backlinks are fundamental to an SEO plan. However, you can ensure website ranking without solely relying on backlinking. So, consider the article to understand these ways in detail.

Why should you consider SEO without backlinks?

Following are some of the cases where you should consider ranking your websites without backlinks:

  • If your website is new, but you want to establish an online presence before seeking external validation.

  • Your website is not rich in content due to several reasons like the type of service you provide (e.g., business listings)

  • Your website does not get any backlinks depending upon your business type, e.g., local ice cream parlors.

In situations like these, it is optimal to use SEO strategies that do not involve link building. Links are an excellent way to start, but as the search continues to adapt, your techniques also need to evolve to make room for new ideas. A more accessible approach is to consult from a reliable SEO services company in Dubai to help you with ranking your website.

5 Link-less ways to rank your website

Most website owners want to rank among the top ten on Google, but they are tired of seeking links through external sources, especially if it is yielding no substantial results. The following are some of the ways to rank your website on a search engine without backlinks, as SEO is more than just creating links.

Online Reviews

Reviews on your website have the potential to increase your business or shut it down completely. One bad review has a significant impact on website traffic. With multiple online options, viewers easily get distracted and frustrated. The number of review sites has grown significantly, with a corresponding increase in viewers writing online reviews.

Having a five-star review shows that new customers can trust your business. It will ensure that customers will choose your services over competitors. Following are some of the key statistics that show the importance of a good review:

  • 90% of viewers use the internet to find local businesses.

  • On average, a consumer reads 8-10 reviews before making a decision.

  • Only 53% of people consider going to businesses with less than 4 stars.

  • One negative review can drive away around 22% of your customers.

Social Media Platforms

Due to an increase in the use of social media, it has become mandatory for businesses to use these platforms to ensure maximum engagement on their websites. Social media makes your SEO more lucrative. This approach is called Social Media Search Engine Optimization because social media activities are used to boost your website's traffic.

Here are some of the reasons why you should increase your social media activities for SEO:

  1. Social media content gets indexed by search engines: A regular published social media content can make a huge difference in your SEO campaign. Social media posts get indexed on search engines like Google, which makes it more accessible for viewers.

  2. Social media presence can help build authority: When it comes to search engines if your web page has a higher value, it means it has high authority with a better chance to rank among top searches. You can ensure that through regular content on your website.

  3. Social media is composed of real people and two-way communication: Most of the black hat SEO strategies fail because they take “user” out of the content. If you want to rank at the top, you cannot just depend upon keywords. Social media are an excellent platform for two-way communication between customers and businesses.

Brand Mentions

When you focus on the quality of your services, your customers and other businesses start mentioning your brand in a positive light. It is not directly related to your online presence, but being famous for a quality site and services still account for a pat on the back.

If your web users see your brand name and associate it with a positive context, then it is highly likely that they will Google your company and visit your website. You can also list your business on various websites without any links. It should include your company’s information like address so the search engines can easily make associations and help improve your online presence.

Good content and long-tail keywords

It is easy to start a blog, but creating value is an essential part of a successful website. You cannot just provide random information to your viewers. To rank better, your online content has to be of the highest quality. Know your customers need what they want to read, before generating content.

Chad Zollinger, the chief editor at, says:

“For those who really want to dominate their industry’s search results, use the content cocktail. A content cocktail helps you tailor your content exactly to your audience (3 story-driven videos + 10 long-form articles + 1 e-book = a great content cocktail).”

Use long-tail keywords that stand a better chance of increasing your ranking on search engines because of fewer competitors. It is a great approach as it better targets your traffic, as most of the users search for specific items. To help you with keyword choice, you can also consult keyword research experts of an SEO service company in Dubai to ensure maximum traffic for your website and rank #1 on Google.

Changing the way of SEO

Backlinks are still an essential part of an SEO strategy, but several other options can help you rank higher on search engines. There are many available alternatives when it comes to on-site SEO, as discussed in the article, that can help you grow your website horizontally on several online media platforms.

Always use different kinds of strategies in combination with good quality backlinks to ensure constant attention from viewers.

Don't know how to do this? Consult with our experts to improve your website rankings with effective strategies.