Want to score high on the SEO field? Know the Rules!

Want to score high on the SEO field? Know the Rules!

“I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care.” (Lou Holtz)

The necessity of SEO has risen exponentially and now it seems that SEO has become the basic meal in the diet of search engine optimization. There are numerous SEO agencies capable of delivering the end product i.e. fully optimized website to you which has all the blanks filled and is perfect from the search engine’s eye. But what these SEO agencies do to make search engines their allies? Find out below.


Rules for ruling the search engines

There are a number of rules that shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re eager to get some scoring on the scoreboard. These rules are mentioned and discussed below;

1.       Arrangement and alignment

A well aligned and well arranged website is what appeals the customers at first sight. Definitely nobody like chaos and nobody favor mess. For enticing a chunk of customers your website should be clean and tidy.


2.       Mobile friendly

Mobile has been the one and only craze of 21st century guys out there. If you’re website is not mobile friendly i.e. capable of optimizing on all the screen size and is unlikely to pace at a faster speed then you don’t have to worry for the rankings your website won’t be ranked in fact.


3.       Google keyword strategy

Google lets you choose the keywords by presenting you an arena of keyword density where the Google AdWords predict the best keywords that are not only adjacent to your business but will also boost your business in terms of searching and ranking.


4.       Link monitoring

Google seriously dislike those websites who do not take care of their inbound and outbound links. Start taking care of your links.


5.       URL

URL is one of the important aspects in terms of ranking and optimizing. Make sure your URL is sleek, working and unique.


6.       Significance of Site Map

Site map allots the look of a complete and professional website. However, if your website lacks one then start its formation may be this would be the reason of your lagging.

“A good teacher must know the rules; a good pupil, the exceptions.” (Martin H. Fischer)

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